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MURREE: The Most Visited Holiday Location in Pakistan

With people pouring in from all corners of the country through-out the year, Murree has long became the synonym of ‘holidays’ and ‘weekend escapes’ in Pakistan!

The place is continually receiving increasing love with the age of Pakistan. Therefore, Faisal Movers has long established its operations in Murree, connecting it with the twin cities of Islamabad & Rawalpindi as well as the rest of Pakistan.

Ever since then, Faisal Movers has continually lead tourism and transportation in the city by operating its bus service each day at several times. Our strict policy of no compromise on quality travel has made us the leading service to and from Murree with increasing number of travellers putting trust in our service each year, each month, each day.

Even now while you are reading this from the comfort of your homes, tourists are enjoying in the beautiful and lush green mountains. So why wait? Plan your next adventure keeping in mind the information given below.

Our bus service takes the following direct route, named “Islamabad to Murree”:

  1. Faisal Movers, Faizabad, Rawalpindi (Pick-up)
  2. Faisal Movers, General Bus Station, Murree (Drop-off)

This service is available six times every day and so just plan on the day at the latest if you are departing from Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Scroll down for a detailed all-in-one schedule.

As your holidays approach their end in Murree, we are again proud to give our services on the return journey as well.

Our bus service takes the following direct route, named “Murree to Islamabad”:

  1. Faisal Movers, General Bus Station, Murree (Pick-up)
  2. Faisal Movers, Faizabad, Rawalpindi (Drop-off)

This service is available five times every day.

Given below is a detailed all-in-one schedule for your ease. Take it a screenshot to save it!

Kindly note that these timings are our best estimates, however, they can vary as per unforeseen weather conditions, calamities, and congestions affecting parts of the route.

For more info/booking kindly contact at the UAN contact number 03 111 22 44 88 or visit our booking website https://www.bookkaru.com

This information is provided by Faisal Movers in collaboration with The BlueDot Co.

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