About KCS

Faisal Movers is offering Cargo Services with its Brand Name KCS (Khawaja Cargo Services). KCS is facilitating its clients since the inauguration of Faisal Movers. KCS proudly serves 24/7 cargo services providing Safe & Speedy  delivery of cargo consignments to the valuable clients. We utilized the buses for the conveyance of cargo, which is still being done. In accumulation to main bus terminals we have several Cargo collection points (for both booking and delivery) strategically located at different cities in the country.

KCS is committed to provide quality services to our valued customers. Our enhanced capacity and capabilities allow us to cater the needs of our corporate clients as well. We offer customer specific rates and payment terms to corporate clients.

Our Network

KCS has a nationwide network to provide cargo services with quick and safe delivery of cargo goods for our valuable clients. We have a broad network in the country based on a large fleet of buses and reliable logistics services.

We have terminals in four provinces of the country covering all major cities.