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Faisal Movers Business Class:

Faisal Movers Business class is a bus category by the company for an elite way of travelling with enhanced buses, lavish refreshment, neat clean and luxury waiting lounges. Business Class has much more leg space than the other available categories with different seating plan of 2 by 1  seats. Means there are two luxury seats on right side and a single seat on the left for single females or business persons where no one can disturb you in your travelling.

Faisal Movers Business class has a separate counter for booking the tickets with well-versed staff. You can purchase Faisal Movers Business Class from www.bookkaru.com ticket booking site.

You can just show your online booking to get the ticket or buy directly from their dedicated ticketing booth. Tickets are given in very pleasant envelope, ticketing Process is very transparent at terminal

Business Class Seats:

  • Bus has 2 by 1 seats, which means they have two seats at one side and a single seat on the other.
  • Faisal Movers Business Class has sofa seats which very comfortable.
  • Bus has massager seats which has some options of auto massage and some other as well.
  • There is enough space between the two seats so that you can spread your legs well.
  • Seats are electronically controlled and passengers can adjust the seats and footrests by pressing the buttons.
  • Arm Rest are Fixed they can’t controlled electronically.
  • The Head Pillow is very soft and Comfortable.

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